Welcome to Butterflies Early Learning Centre

Did you know the first five years of a child’s life are critical for development and the experiences children have in these years help shape the adults they will become.

We understand that high quality early education and care gives children the best start in life, providing important opportunities to learn and develop. Children’s brains are influenced by both genes and their environment. Babies are born ready to learn, with around 90 percent of brain development occurring in the first five years of life.

At Butterflies Early Learning Centre our qualified teachers and educators are devoted to providing the foundational knowledge, skills and behaviours that enable a child to participate, learn and succeed.  We provide early education and care for children from 12 months old to school age and offer a Free Kindergarten Program for 4 to 5 year olds. 

Butterflies Early Learning Centre operates Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm. Limited positions are available click here to get in touch with our friendly Director.


Swimming Program

Butterflies Early Learning Centre swimming lessons are held at our company owned swim school, which has been an AUSTSWIM gold accredited swim centre since 2013. We have created a swimming program that caters to each child’s individual needs with the key focus of being safe in and around water. Our swimming levels work progressively through the foundational skills of swimming and allow advancement into stroke development and competitive strokes as well as starts, turns, finishes and more advanced survival strategies.

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